The BIG LOViE Logo

Our logo brings together two universally powerful symbols—the heart and the infinity loop. Together, they become a uniquely beautiful whole expressing infinite love.

Co-founder Sheba Fideler created the logo design to abstractly illustrate an elephant—majestic, empathetic, protective and strong gentle giants with extremely tight family bonds. The heart of the logo creates the elephant’s ears, which emphasizes the importance of listening to the people we love. And, of course, elephants are big and therefore the perfect emblem for our brand.

Spread Infinite Love Around the World

Send us pictures of YOUR infinite love. Draw, paint, scratch, skywrite….yes, go for it, let’s have some fun!

Every three months we’ll choose one winner for a complimentary LoveSnap. Plus, your photo might end up on our Instagram site!

Drawing the infinite love logo is simple: 
1. First, make a vertical infinity loop with a larger top than bottom.
2. Add each half of a heart on either side as the elephant’s ears. That’s it!

Send your pics along with your name (and kids, please share ages), where you took the photo and anything else you’d love for us to know. Email to

We can’t wait to see how creative you are!